MIni project presentation

Wednesday is our mini project presentation:)Our mini project is Dodgeball game,in chinese is躲避球。So, we are using the concept that the player must avoid being by the ball to survive through the level.It had been a hard time we write the code and make it working.And i really cant believe it that finally we make it. However, actually i din help much:( All the open GL things(3D things) is done by suk mun(my team mate), what a shame>.<
This is the menu for our game.Designed by m
y partner suk mun.I j
ust simply love it:)

On going game, a 3D ball will come out from the screen.

Can see the purple colour?It actually is me:)The webcam capture the people image, and then when the ball(the white and pink one) come out, the person need to move left and right, up and down to avoid being hit by the ball.

I know these screenshots might be boring, but the actual game is fun, because we have sound effect:)

Time to sleep.Good night world:)

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