Torturing Time

It is a beautiful Saturday, BUT I cant do something relaxing.This is all because the SEF4 assignment. The answer is not in the text and not from the internet either.Ya, what the lecturer want is from our head. You cannot just simply bluff about it because sometimes you did not even know what the question is asking.I had been using the whole day google here and there, even the google GOD also cant help.
I eat when I am stucked.
I play fb when I do not want to face the reality.
The time is running out as the deadline for the assignment is this coming Tuesday.
This is the Question 1 for our assignment.It is hard, right?Finish this one, 6 more to go.

(SEF4-A3-Q1) Software Engineering – Poster of the Design Model
In Good Book 1, Figure 9.1 in Chapter 9 on page 260, titled “Translating the
analysis model into the design model” we find one of the many conceptual
diagrams that is frequently used to explain software engineering design. The
“Design Model” is depicted as a triangular pyramid with four design layers
while the “Analysis Model” is described as a circle with four major

Here comes the storyline: The Chairman of your company (software production
house) visited your department and saw on the wall a “big colored poster of
Figure 9.1” (Note: the poster is exactly Figure 9.1 as shown in the Good
Book 1). Your chairman looked at it for a while trying to understand what it
means. Your desk happened to be closest to the poster, and upon seeing the
Chairman you stood up in respect of the person. The Chairman is still
focused on the poster, and that is normally (definitely, undoubtedly, ha ha
ha) a hint for you to brief him what the poster means.

Tell the Chairman about the poster and relate it to the job you are doing.
Ha ha ha. You are essentially required to provide a brief and simple
explanation of all the elements in the figure. The Chairman will notice if
you missed any one. That’s obvious, since there are 8 major elements (4+4)
in the figure and the poster is very big (8 feet by 8 feet) he he he.

For this question: Answer it the way you would explain to the Chairman, i.e.
not so much in technical jargon. He he he.

My lecturer is a fifties old man but he likes to add the hehehe, hahaha when lecturing and writing.I just not with him.
God bless me>.<

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