Forgive her

Ya, exam is tomorrow, but she just cant make herself sit down and study...
the weather is too hot,
the food is too yummy,
the bed is seducing her,
her bf is calling her,
her friends' blog is too nice to read through,
she misses her sweet home so much!
Arggh! All are excuses.
She just start study a few hours ago,hope that everything that squeeze into her head is enough for tomorrow exam.
The lecturer is very cunning, who knows what he is going to ask?
Read through every word in the Wikipedia might not be able to cope it as well,what do you expect?( excuse again)

Wish me luck for my so-many-excuse attitude.


  1. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. All the questions asked is the one i had saw before,is that a good news?
    but the i forget some of the answers><


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