Korean food

I am taking Korean Word and culture this sem.Our teacher is a very beautiful korean woman, 20 something, and her skin is so white.Like those i saw from TV.
Last class, she gave us some tips about the final exam.She said she will give us the korean food pic and ask us to fill in the name, and she keep introducing the food for 2hours, make me so hungry>.< and eager to go korean restaurant to try out some.And i even hope that I can go korean.Airasia got promotion for the ticket, but...but..money problem, time problem>.< hold me back.

The famous korean food,baechu kimchi

Bimbibap, the name look funny, right??this is a dish that indicate harmony and the egg in the middle is a symbol of sun, usually eat by family.

I saw this in city hunter drama in which Lee yun cheng ask kim na na to cook for him.Ohya!they are dating now!!!!!!I mean in real life.

A porridge that cook with cereals and pumpkin.Eat this when korean people fall sick.

Teacher said if you got pregnant and make this one, if u can make a nice shape, then ur baby will be a beautiful baby, if u cant, then u know what happens la:P

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