Holidays always too short and revision week always too long.

The first break in my Gamma year is the RAYA break and it is officially over now=.=
Happy time just pass by flying.Anyway, I enjoyed a lot in this holiday.
And the most wonderful time is chi-chatting with shean and also li chi over the phone for more than one and half hours.A really nice talk, huh?^^

21st is my final exam and I havent start study any of it>.<
6 subjects and I have only 10days leave.
Hope that I can really finish it on time@@
My first day of revision.

Computer security, basically a subject that learn abt encryption and decryption,quite fun also for the lab.One of the lab, we jz hacked into other's yahoo messenger and we manage to see what others chat, it is amazing, rite??haha...so be careful for those who use yahoo massenger.It is just vulnerable for hacking :P
And i remember in our mid term test, they are quite a number of question that ask us to decrypt.
And one of the question is :
fqjcb rwjwj vnjax bnkhj whxcq nawjv nfxdu mbvnu ujbbf nnc
hints: A famous quote in Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare

I spend one hours++ to decrypt it.
The answer is: Whats in a name arose by any other name would smell as sweet.

It is fun, right?
But the theory part is killing:(

Wish me luck to survive through the tough revision week.

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