MIdValley one day trip

Since it is a week two in a new sem and Deepavali(Public holiday),we decided to go to MidValley.This is because I know there is a lot of Korean restaurant there,and I eager to eat Korean Cuisine for a very long time d.Finally we found a reasonable price korean food at the Food junction there.The taste is so tasty and spicy and it is unbelievable yummy!So, have a look on the photo we took:)

Rm9.00 Kimchi Ramyeon
The yummy Kimchi ramyeon,very spicy but tasty and I super like it.

The side dish,Kimchi.

Korean BBQ chicken that edward ordered.RM14.90.

It is worth the price:)yummy yummy^^The chicken is spicy but delicious.We felt contented after the meal.

After that,we went to snowflake to have the dessert:)

We have dessert at SnowFlake.They use a beeping UFO to tell the customer that the dessert is ready.Quite advance technology,huh?

The dessert:)

We ordered one to share.

We saw a long queue there at 2pm.Luckily we ate at 12pm.

We went for 2 movies also:)Stay tune.





New Semester

A new sem start this week and after 4days schooling, I am home again:)
An easy and relax week (cz it is week one only).
Almost all the subject I take is theoretical subjects.
Ohya, I got a A for the Korean subject I took last semester.And my friend are going Korean next year February.And I wish to go also,but then my mum said it is winter time and I got asthma.So, I got a NO from my family.

And i am "planning" to Australia.
1) Saving money now...
but then my parents said you need to have 700 US dollar above then only they let u pass through the kastam.-.-
hey, I just wish to go travel...


TIRED movie night

Final day of convo, we just planned to have some small celebrations like eating domino's pizza togather.But then we end up watching movie at 12am just because that is the only available showing time.We reached IOI mall at 10PM.That is the only choice.After buying ticket,we ate in a nearby food court.Too hungry at that time, din manage to take any picture.I ordered a cheese baked mushroom rice.The taste just so-so.And it is not hot at all=.=Quite disappointed.After that, we just sat there and wait until 12am=.=Quite silly, right.

This is the movie I "watched".

But then I just do not like the setting,and this kind of movie.So, I fell sleep in 14 minutes time.And I just keep on sleep until the last minute of the movie@@OMG,I was paying 10ringgit to sleep there.Maybe we were too tired at that time,Angie and Xin Ying also fell sleep.

In conclusion, I actually do not know what is happening from the begining until the very end.So, no comment.

[加影美食] 21st Century Cafe Kajang

Initially we planned to eat Kajang Famous Satay,but then the shop did not open.Finally it ended up eating at 21st Century Cafe inside the Mewah Club.Well,actually we quite tired on that, woke up at 5am early in the morning, ended our business at 6pm,we just hope can get something to fill our stomach,and get back to home and sleep.But Angie's friend,Joel,the driver insists that we should go somewhere not in cyberjaya area=.=

And there we were at Kajang.He drove super fast,and the 3 girls sitting behind are screaming every moment he drift!!

The price is OK for eating in KL area with such nice scene.

I ate hot wok(small steamboat with RM15.80)The photo is with my friend=.=

Everything should add a bonus provided we are not tired.

We should find another time visit this place with nice dressing and also a right time!


Convo fest boothing

I know I had disappeared for almost one week.
We are busy for convo fest MMU 2011.
Woke up at 5am morning everyday and slept at 10pm every night.
It was too tired to run the business.
It seems that mmu graduates did not like to buy our personalized gift.They prefer flowers.Flowers is like a must.We saw every family carried a bouquet flower or bear walking around.But no one had time to stop and look at our booth.
This is our booth.

We found out something too.Promoting to a Chinese is a very hard task.They will just simply ignore what we said.On the others hand,Malays is more friendly and Indian is more polite:)
We print the t-shirt by our own.I love mmu!Most of the malays bought it.

This is the hand made wishes card.I did it all,and we actually sold out none=.=
Tired face of both of us.

Anyway,it is a great experience!

Our business plan

I assume that you all know that I am actually doing a business with my friends.
We start the business in January early this year.It is kinds of excited and nervous when we really came out with an amount of money and run the business.

Question Mark is our company name!We ran out of idea to name our company and we did argue about it as everyone of us have our own opinion. But then suddenly the word question mark ran across my though with the question mark sign togather. I just voiced it out and amazingly everyone agreed about it.And there we named it as Question Mark.

This is our company logo.

We are selling personalized gift such as white mug, magic mug, puzzle and T-shirt.
We had argued a lot through these few months and Michelle had quit our business.It is not easy to deal with customer and make them stay.

Our name card.

The mug.

The puzzle.

I know it is not easy to start a business and it is hard to make the business grow.However, we have time, we have energy and we still young!



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