Convo fest boothing

I know I had disappeared for almost one week.
We are busy for convo fest MMU 2011.
Woke up at 5am morning everyday and slept at 10pm every night.
It was too tired to run the business.
It seems that mmu graduates did not like to buy our personalized gift.They prefer flowers.Flowers is like a must.We saw every family carried a bouquet flower or bear walking around.But no one had time to stop and look at our booth.
This is our booth.

We found out something too.Promoting to a Chinese is a very hard task.They will just simply ignore what we said.On the others hand,Malays is more friendly and Indian is more polite:)
We print the t-shirt by our own.I love mmu!Most of the malays bought it.

This is the hand made wishes card.I did it all,and we actually sold out none=.=
Tired face of both of us.

Anyway,it is a great experience!

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