MIdValley one day trip

Since it is a week two in a new sem and Deepavali(Public holiday),we decided to go to MidValley.This is because I know there is a lot of Korean restaurant there,and I eager to eat Korean Cuisine for a very long time d.Finally we found a reasonable price korean food at the Food junction there.The taste is so tasty and spicy and it is unbelievable yummy!So, have a look on the photo we took:)

Rm9.00 Kimchi Ramyeon
The yummy Kimchi ramyeon,very spicy but tasty and I super like it.

The side dish,Kimchi.

Korean BBQ chicken that edward ordered.RM14.90.

It is worth the price:)yummy yummy^^The chicken is spicy but delicious.We felt contented after the meal.

After that,we went to snowflake to have the dessert:)

We have dessert at SnowFlake.They use a beeping UFO to tell the customer that the dessert is ready.Quite advance technology,huh?

The dessert:)

We ordered one to share.

We saw a long queue there at 2pm.Luckily we ate at 12pm.

We went for 2 movies also:)Stay tune.

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