Our business plan

I assume that you all know that I am actually doing a business with my friends.
We start the business in January early this year.It is kinds of excited and nervous when we really came out with an amount of money and run the business.

Question Mark is our company name!We ran out of idea to name our company and we did argue about it as everyone of us have our own opinion. But then suddenly the word question mark ran across my though with the question mark sign togather. I just voiced it out and amazingly everyone agreed about it.And there we named it as Question Mark.

This is our company logo.

We are selling personalized gift such as white mug, magic mug, puzzle and T-shirt.
We had argued a lot through these few months and Michelle had quit our business.It is not easy to deal with customer and make them stay.

Our name card.

The mug.

The puzzle.

I know it is not easy to start a business and it is hard to make the business grow.However, we have time, we have energy and we still young!

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