TIRED movie night

Final day of convo, we just planned to have some small celebrations like eating domino's pizza togather.But then we end up watching movie at 12am just because that is the only available showing time.We reached IOI mall at 10PM.That is the only choice.After buying ticket,we ate in a nearby food court.Too hungry at that time, din manage to take any picture.I ordered a cheese baked mushroom rice.The taste just so-so.And it is not hot at all=.=Quite disappointed.After that, we just sat there and wait until 12am=.=Quite silly, right.

This is the movie I "watched".

But then I just do not like the setting,and this kind of movie.So, I fell sleep in 14 minutes time.And I just keep on sleep until the last minute of the movie@@OMG,I was paying 10ringgit to sleep there.Maybe we were too tired at that time,Angie and Xin Ying also fell sleep.

In conclusion, I actually do not know what is happening from the begining until the very end.So, no comment.

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