Job seeking

Seeking a job is not easy.It can be frustrated and disappointing in times. All of us want to get offer from the well known company such as Dell,Intel, IBM and so on.There are limited place with so many students out there. We need to compete about it, not matter how close are we in the class. My roomate told me that don't get too close with your coursemate, they will be your rival at the future. At that time, I really ponder, should or shouldn't be too close to them, but then it will be helping a lot if we are in the same positions.
And now, I had came to the reality.We really did fight for the limited vacancy. Everyone sending their resume at the back of the others. It really shock me when I know my classmate had sent out without informed me. The had no responsibility to tell me.I know that. But sometimes,I just can't help myself in feeling bad.

Well, now I also sending resume by my own without telling others.

PS:Please forgive me.

Today Quote: The first interview is just a lead into the second interview or offer to a job. Not everyone is suited for the job or the company. So don't be discouraged if you were not offered a position right away. Keep your chin up and your cool, and don't give up on yourself!


  1. Don't give up easily, you will eventually get a job. Jia you.

    People compete in everything, so the first thing to be learnt is, how to protect yourself, and get the best ready for yourself. Don't get bullied by others yea. =)

  2. Will not get bullied la XD
    Got get a few offer la, but all from the company that quite far away from cyberjaya.I wish to find Dell, Intel, Sony Ericson that based in Cyberjaya area.

  3. Industrial training.When you graduate?


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