Morning world

There should be an interview at 10am, but then I havent receive any calls so far.
Next sem is our industrial training, we need to find a comapany by ourself and have practical training there.
An America-based company is coming our campus yesterday to give a briefing on their recruitment.It is located at Penang.So, I do not plan to get recruited,but I wish to attend the interview session to gain experience.After submit the resume, they will filter again then only will give a notice to you on what time slot you are in for interview.After listen their briefing, I know it is a great company to work and it provide many learning opportunities.I wish to go there even though it is a t Penang.It is a great chance.
I know our bench there is a lot of JPA scholar who scored 4.0 and 3.99.
They will pick them first then only me even though I am also in the 1st class. But I do not even get pick for the interview,it is quite dissapointing. Maybe I should study hard for this sem, next sem, next next sem until i graduate to pull up my cgpa.

PS:Study hard is hard...

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