Korean Fair

There are many events going on in my campus recently.One of it is Korean fair.

The bride "gown"
The bride's shoes
The bride's gown
Actually we can took picture with the clothes with RM5 OR RM3 depends on the clothes you choose.I had no money><So, I took with a model@@
They sell several korean food.One of it is maggi.I promised my sister will buy her a spicy maggi mee.But then when I ask the committee there, which one is spicy,there also do not know.So, I just choose this one,should be spicy though XD 


  1. I realise we never go for a trip together, maybe we can visit Korea someday together. =)

  2. haha...not need go korean so far, inside malaysia also ok d.lol...but i will go korean one day after I working


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