Lab test

We had web service lab test today.To prevent us from copy from each other, the genius teacher think of using different software and language for every alternate row.
One of the software we used from the beginning of this semester and one we only learned at the last class.
And I am praying hard that I will get the one I usual use,but life does not turn out to be the way you expected.
The good luck me get the one he only taught one!

And I only score 5 marks out of 15.
If I get the one we usual use, I should have get 12.5 out of 15 T.T

Sometimes, life is hard and sad:(


  1. Don't worry. Life is unpredictable.
    Just work harder next time, and I'm sure you will have better luck. This lab test won't affect much on your overall result right?
    Smile. =)

  2. It took 10marks of the whole assessment, that mean 10% @@

  3. Ouch. That's kinda a lot. But I'm sure you will be able to cover up by working harder for the next assessment. Add oil.


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