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I do a personality report during my campus career fair and I got the report after weeks. Some personality did describes me well:) Others you judge it, friend:)

Your Personality Profile is WATER/EARTH.

This report presents elements of your behavioral profile. Before we get into the specifics concerning your own profile, here is an overview of the Personal Profile (PP). (As information gathered is minimal the report is only a brief one)

There are four elements that determine profiles, and they are represented by four symbols. This report will demonstrate how each of us contain all the elements, yet most particularly, one or two elements which dominate and drive our behaviors, attitudes and actions.

Earth – tends to do particularly well in accomplishing tasks and getting results. Motivation is based on a desire for an orderly process that leads to accuracy. Likes to stay focused in order to “get it right”. Tends to move slowly and is good at maintaining projects. An Earth’s behavioral style reminds us of the traits of the earth, steady, predictable, foundational, solid, and secure….

Water – is sensitive to the needs of people and enjoys building lasting relationships in which it can play an encouraging and supportive role. Motivated by stability and harmony. Tends to move slowly like earth and typically good at maintaining. Water’s behavioral style reminds us of traits of water; reflective, transparent, life giving, easygoing, capable of ”going with the flow”

Wind – is also motivated by interaction with people but prefers a fast and changing pace. Initiators who enjoy networking with others in order to get things done and gain attention. Thrives in variety. A Wind’s behavioral style reminds us of wind; restless, unpredictable, invisible, quick to move, needs to see things in motion

Fire – is motivated to undertake challenging tasks in order to get results. Seeks power and control in order to achieve its goals. Tends to move quickly and enjoy initiating projects. Fire’s behavioral style reminds us of the traits of fire; hot, passionate, all consuming, uncompromising, give itself 110% to the task at hand.

Your Strength and Challenges

Water Strengths                                                                      Water Challenges

Steady                                                                                    Complacent
Satisfied                                                                                    Passive
Team-Oriented                                                                      Dependent
Good Listener                                                                      Closemouthed
Loyal                                                                                                  Possessive
Supportive                                                                                    Used by others
Sensitive                                                                                    Thin-Skinned
Traditional                                                                                    Lacks Vision
Cooperative                                                                                    Unassertive
Quiet                                                                                                  Timid
Consistent                                                                                    Stubborn
Trusting                                                                                     Naïve

Earth Strength                                                                      Earth Challenges

Accurate with details                                                        Picky
Predictable                                                                                    Boring
Reserved                                                                                    Distant
Organised/Scheduled                                                        Inflexible
Conscientious                                                                      Perfectionist
Cautious                                                                                    Suspicious
Prepared                                                                                    Lacking Confidence
Analytical                                                                                    Obsessive
Focused                                                                                    Unresponsive
Factual                                                                                    Emotionless
Realistic                                                                                    Pessimistic
Modest                                                                                    Self-Critical

Provide more opportunities for the individual to:

       Function as team members utilizing established procedures in a stable environment towards common goal
       Follow predictable schedule to work on tasks requiring keen observation and attention to details
       Quietly influence decision making toward the end of improving processes
       Accomplish well-defined activities with clear outcomes that benefit others
       Establish order and efficiency in the operations of self and team members

Popular Occupations for WATER/EARTH

       Health Care Professionals
       Teaching, Coaching
       Social Services
       Legal support services
       Business or Customer Relations
       Sales and Service Positions
       Clerical or Secretarial Support

Sometimes others see me as…                                         

       Easily Polluted
       Unwilling to take a stand
       Wishy Washy
       Valuing feelings over results


                   Slow to move
                   Stuck in the mud

Points to Consider – Moving Forward

Action – Prefers to be a responder instead of initiator. “Tends to be better at finishing rather than starting projects.

Adventure - Resist Change most of the time. Don’t like surprises. Good Team Player. Need quiet time to recharge

Anger – Stuff feelings and anger and resentment. Difficult to detect when angry. When reach limit of anger? If they have exhausted their patience.

Authority – Don’t like authority. Like to do it on your own way. Follow rules that makes sense and are time proven

Change – Likes predictability and slow to accept change. Need ample warning and preparation whenever change is introduced

Communication - Good Listener. Help others communicate and interact. Shares openly with close friends, sometimes talkative. Don’t like to speak up during meeting

Conflict – Restore harmony and bring agreement. Always giving in. Deals with disagreement indirectly

Fears – Confrontation, conflict and change. Especially unknown. Never express fears to others

Fun – Love team sports. Time with family and friends are sources of enjoyment

Ideal Work Environment – As long as there is harmony and stability. Prefers easygoing leadership. Predictable assignments. Work space furnishing and decorations-homelike, with family & friends photos and mementos

Leadership – Encourages rather than enforcing compliance. Wins loyalty through commitment to and support of others.

Learning – Prefers reliable and traditional methods over learning innovative, new techniques

Pace – Internal clock rather than external clock. Prefer one project at a time

Relationship – Not natural to begin relationship. Accepts others openly. Enjoys helping others succeed

Stress – Stress by disharmony, change, loud and conflict.

Success – Other people success is her success. Having fulfilling relationships is an achievement. Don’t like to be single out for attention. Easily embarrassed by public acclaim. Prefers personal and private recognitions.

Task - Very versatile and works well with task. Completes tasks rather than starting. Very thorough and persistent in meeting expectation.

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