I know that had been years since my last updates. Forgive me , girls. Life is too hard for me recently. Numerous mid term tests and tones of assignments. Too much to care and I feel tired. Yet, I am strong enough to go through this.

I always know that not matter how hard the life is, there is always little things to appreciate. When you are complaining of no beautiful shoes, there are people out there with no legs; when you are arguing with your sisters, there are someone who are alone in this world ; when you are get annoyed with your mum, out there has children who never know who is their mother. Life had been too good for me. Family, friends and love. I had them all.

The road is lying ahead. All we need to do is walk through it and never lost hope. Life will be better after this. Along this journey, the greatest blessings is having you with me. Words can't tell much, but we know each other well. You know that, I am with you too, right? Cheers to our friendship!

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