The ending is the beginning.

I can feel butterflies in my stomach.  It is my FYP presentation day. Phase I only, but it carries 30% of the whole project. 

I emailed my supervisor to ask for opinion of my presentation slides. She replied me saying that everything is OK, just be confident and enthusiasm. 

Confident is something I lack of when I am doing everything. I just feel myself not good as others although the lecturer said you are doing well. 

I used to be a girl who hides everything inside me. Enthusiasm. I hardly have it in my life. 

I planned to walk to campus half an hour earlier before my presentation time. But you know, I am a girl. I spend a lot of time in front of the mirror and ends up going out the door exactly 15minutes before the presenation. (Walking to campus is exactly 15 min) I should have reach earlier and set up all the things. 

I ran half way. It is quite an awkward moment to run when you are in formal wear and with your labtop. Guess what? I met 2 people to ask me about direction in the half way of running. I seldom meet one during my way to campus everyday.  When I reached the classroom, luckily only one lecturer is there ( There will be two). After 5 seconds, the other one came in. I am sweating like in front of the hot big sun. 

I just start my presentation right after that. Problems asked is answered, but not a good answer though. My supervisor really did help me a lot, in answering question asked by the moderator. ( The moderator is here to mark my report and presentation to ensure  the mark is properly given) The supervisor is the one who guided me all the time and the moderator does not know anything about my project as well as me.

Ending is another beginning. Settle of phase 1 is the time where I need to work on phase II, which is harder than phase I. Wish me luck.

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