Being honest in life needs a lot of courage and it is something I tried to uphold in life. But when it happened I can hardly tell anyone about it.

" Why you always skip class?" My coursemates asked me. I just replied with a smile.

" Why you still going out when having exam tomorrow?" My roomate asked me this. I just told her that I had finished revising.

I am not lying. I just do not show them what had happened in my life lately. It just hurting me when I am telling. 

Being diagnosed with cancer is something we never think it will happen. It is in the movies, the dramas, but not our life. It is hardly to believe and everytime I think of it, it is aching inside, deep down.

When the things settle down and finally I had the courage to tell about it. Like a story. It is hard, but we make it through.  So proud to tell it this way, guessing it might be the ego of Leo. 

Anyway, told my coursemates about it just now and get an encouragement message back. Thanks!

Sandy hurricane hits US badly. The photo really look like the scene in the The day after tomorrow. If the world really going to end soon, what would you do? Live everyday like your last day. I remembered I read this somewhere else. Let us pray hard for the nation.

I know it must be hard to struggle everyday for the due date and forcing ourselves to do something we do not like. But please get hold of it and keep doing. Do not care so much of the result. What you went through today will be nothing after "The day after tomorrow". Just kidding. What I mean is what you been through today is to prepare you for tomorrow. God does not ask you to do something you can't.

Let us add oil togather. FYP is spinning inside my head everyday. I wish I could skip these few months and go to CNY straight away.

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