A hectic week just passed.
When the whole is talking about the end of the world, I am busy studying, preparing and struggling for my academic. When I finally have a chance to breathe, and it is the end of the world. Well, nothing happen so far.

One the happiest thing is that my mum was officially over for the treatment. I know it had been not easy all the way here. But we love you, mum. Havent been home for two week and today is winter solstice, so sorry. Coming Christmas and  family outing with mum's side relatives also will be here doing my project. Just hope that everything going fine.

Just finish my lab test. It is a quite easy for the first four question. But the last one is a bit tricky and I am almost there to get the bonus question, but I give up at the end for the last few minutes. XD

Got the highest midterm mark in the class for one of the subject, yet, still very happy. I am thinking back my primary school times when got the highest mark all the time. When you go into this world, there is always people better than you.

3 more weeks to the final year project submission, I am still hanging half way. Luckily get my brother and Edward to help me to do data collection.

Tomorrow will go to my internship company programming competition. It just for fun, yet a bit stress>.<

Ok, Just let me go back to reality. After the competition, there is still 3 more assignments is due for submission date@.@


  1. Wish everyone have a happy life!!!!!! And don't worry, you will survive through the hectic life!! And you will be graduating in no time!!!!

  2. Sigh~ Every moments is torturing. Hope I can skip this few weeks and go to CNY straight away. For the first time in my life, I feel that I am going to fail in this FYP.


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