Feeling much more better today :)
Thanks for all your concerns! It is really heart warming to have friends care about you.

The great news I gain from the sickness is I am going down another 1.2kg! It is not far from the lowest weight that I had in foundation. Another 0.8kg, then I get the number 54kg. But I know CNY will give it all back to me@.@

The very last paper of mine in MMU is tomorrow, then I am going to say BYE BYE to everything T.T No more chances to skip class, dreaming in class and watching drama until late night. Do not listen what the lecturer taught and only start studying one week before the exam. It is kinds of student's privileges.

Everyone told me that working is a totally different story from uni life. Every day is so gan jiong like FYP(Final Year Project). No tolerance, no kidding. You are paid to work. It is your responsibility to work it out although you know nothing much about it. In Uni, we can blame, the lecturer never taught this, it is not in our syllabus. But in real life, the fact is always cruel. K, just leave it behind first, enjoy CNY first before I am getting involved in this real world game.

Hope my very last paper is shun shun li li XD

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  1. Happy Snake Year!!! Hiss! Hiss! =) And happy working? Lol


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