Sick again

It is a very serious one this time. The fever came back every 2 hours. I had been taking pills all the days every 2 hours because really cannot stand the hotness came  from inside. It is 40 degree Celsius. For the first time, I want to see a doctor willingly. I went to Hospital Serdang and registered under emergency unit. LOL.  Of course, Edward is with me.

They take some blood of mine to undergo some tests to make sure I am not kena Dengue. A lot of people got in the place I stayed recently.

After one hour and half, the result is out and Thank god! It is not dengue, just some normal fever. I still got two papers to go before I am graduated., I do not want any extends or taking the supplementary paper.
This is all I got before I go home. The doctor even give me a vitamin capsule, ask me to take everyday=.=
I am really sick of taking all these medicine:( But for my final sake, I am forced to take all.
And my fever still havent gone thoroughly. Had been headache for few days. Some more with a blocked nose, I am feeling bad T.T

Just let me go...

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