Going to downtown

~Sunny day~Finally I can take my winter clothes off and wear T-shirt XD

My university name is Kumoh International Institute of Technology. It just located in Gumi. Whereas Gumi is in Daegu, the third metropolitan city in Korea. Gumi also the places where Samsung and LG factory located.

 Going to downtown today. Just 20 minutes car ride distance. Spotted this when I arrived. It is a real man wearing red sitting in the cafeteria.And also his dog. It is quite weird in Malaysia but no one cares about him. Because he is in Korea. Most of the people wear very sharp colour clothing.

 The winter clothing costs around RM30 only. In Malaysia, at least will have one more zero.
Korea Traditional Market.

Kimchi Fried pancake.It is famous in Korea.

The fruit here is very expensive.

Another famous food here. Many roadside stalls are selling "cheap" food, which costs around 1000-3000won. Because once you enter a restaurant, the price start raising from 5000won, which is RM15 in Malaysia.

 The bag is also very cheap. Rm30.

Strawberry is the sweetest fruit here during winter. Whereas for Spring, watermelon will be sweetest. But too bad is I do not get a chance to try the sweet strawberry because now is already changing to spring.

 One box of the starwberry is costs around 2500won. 

This is called toppoki in Korea, is a popular roadside stall which sell Korea rice cake in chili sauce.Korean love this especially during cold night.
1000won for one set, but I do not really like the rice cake cause it is make from flour and a little bit like chewing gun.But I like the hot and spicy chili sauce.

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