Insidious Chapter 2

在Fb中看见很多友人对于这部电影给于很高的评价。甚至有很多人说它比The Conjuring来得好看,加上之前看Insidious I让我留下很不错的印象,所以让我很想去电影院体验被吓 XD

这部电影还是由James Wan执导,也就是和The Conjuring的导演是同一个人,马来西亚的骄傲。

Insidious: Chapter II begins with a familiar scene from the first movie. Elise Reiner is called upon to help discover who, or what, is disturbing Lorraine Lambert’s young son, Josh. Elise hypnotizes Josh and persuades him to lead her to the “friend” that he has been seeing in his astral projection dreams. Despite many warning and discouraging signals from Josh, Elise follows his instructions to find this friend. Upon being found, Josh’s “friend” attacks Elise, and she determines that this is no friend of anyone. Elise consults Lorraine and decides to use her hypnotic skills to make Josh forget his astral projection abilities. A quarter of the century later, Josh’s wife, Renai Lambert (played by Rose Byrne), is being interrogated by the police about the murder of Elise Reiner. Her husband is the prime suspect. Renai, disturbed by the possibility, relocates with her family to Lorraine’s house. Suddenly, Renai begins to witness strange occurrences throughout the house, such as moving toys, the piano playing by itself, and even a mysterious woman. As Josh (played by Patrick Wilson) begins to show up around the woman all the time, she begins to wonder if Josh was followed and inhabited through the Further–which is like the doorway to another dimension–by the ghostly creature that continues to haunt her.


可是总体来说,这部戏的节奏发展得蛮快的。故事一开始,就已经可以看到一些很惊吓的场面。可是这些惊吓场面却没Insidious I 来得恐怖。可能是因为已经知道故事中的男主角很他的孩子拥有灵魂出窍的能力吧,所以少了很多惊喜。在第一部里头因为不了解到底发生什么事,所以整部戏充满悬疑感,而且在很多意象不到的地方有惊吓的画面。可是因为连续看了这个导演的两部惊悚戏,所以有时候听到音乐,大概可以知道吓人的画面几时会出现。总的来说,还是比较喜欢Insidious。

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